Hello, I’m Melissa Dominic!

I’m a historian of places that don’t exist. I collect tiny breaths and form them into stories that speak of amplified feelings, imagined times, and unrecognizable city streets. My focus is on both world-building and genre-splicing and is expressed best in my stories and poems but also evident in my occasional photographs and book art.

I’m obsessed with neon nostalgia, liminal spaces, and the feeling of a 3am spent next to the person you love listening to lo-fi hip-hop beats under tiny lights and have dedicated myself to putting each atmospheric moment down into words. It’s a passion.

I received a BA in English and a Certificate in Women’s Studies from Florida International University in Miami after relocating from Hudson County, New Jersey. I continue to reside in South Florida with my girlfriend, author Magen Cubed, and our small dog, Cecil. Some part of me will always be chain link fences in autumn, but, I live for salty air and palm trees.

I am currently at work on a novel called 12:01AM, a humidity-soaked story about family and all-night dance parties in a ultra-bright future. I also am quietly putting together a poetry chapbook on time. One day I’ll get to that blood magic fantasy though. I promise.

I enjoy post-rock, ambient, and lo-fi music, cups of tea, graffiti, esoteric pursuits, the beach, watching soccer, Walt Disney World, cooking, and cafe con leche. I am queer, Latina, and almost always half-asleep.

Please feel free to reach out and connect with me. I love making new friends.