Melissa Dominic is a speculative fiction author who speaks amazing Spanglish.

Melissa is a historian of places that don’t exist who collects tiny breaths and forms them into stories that speak of amplified feelings, imagined times, and unrecognizable city streets. Her focus is on both world-building and genre-splicing and is displayed best in her stories and poetry but also evident in her occasional photographs and book art.

Melissa received a BA in English and a Certificate in Women’s Studies from Florida International University after relocating from Hudson County, New Jersey. She continues to reside in South Florida where she is an educator & an expert on preschool pop culture.

Melissa is famously in love with author Magen Cubed. She enjoys post-rock, cups of tea, graffiti, esoteric pursuits, the beach, watching soccer, & cafe con leche. She is queer, Latina, and almost always half-asleep.